Labour Group use unwanted Councillor allowances to provide free sanitary products at County Hall

Update: We won! NCC will now provide free sanitary products at 27 public facing council owned buildings. Unfortuanlty this does not include County Hall so we are still supplying products at County Hall.

In April the Labour Group submitted a motion to Full Council requesting the Council provide free sanitary products in Council owned buildings. The products would be accessible for both the public and council employees on a  'take what you need when you need it' basis.


The Tories voted against our motion using absurd figures and costings. They instead opted to ask Officers to write a feasibility report.

We didn't think this was good enough and we decided to take action. The Labour Group decided to use their unwanted Councillor allowances to fund the provision of free sanitary products at County Hall for visitors and employees. 

We've been supplying towels and tampons for 2 months, it is incredibly successful, we top up the supplies weekly. We are hoping to expand this simple scheme with some help from volunteers.  

The Tories quoted it would cost the Council £550,000 so far its cost us £5. We can't wait to see what their feasibility study suggests, it's been 2 months and we are still waiting. Until the report appears we will continue to provide free emergency sanitary products.

If you would like to help out please get in touch. 



At a time when Council services are being cut, council tax is increasing and public sector staff are seeing wage freezes we could not justify voting to put up our own allowances costing the tax payer an extra £142,000.


It's unbelievable that anyone could vote on determining their own pay but what makes it worse is the fact Norfolk Tories ignored the clear advice of an independent panel set up to look into the matter which recommended no allowance increase! 

The Labour Group voted against the increase however as the Tories have a large majority on Norfolk County Council the allowance hike passed. The Labour Group then launched a campaign against the allowance hike starting a petition which allowed us to to call an exceptional council meeting giving the Tories a second chance to do the right thing and to undo their allowance increase. Don't be too surprised they voted for a second time to increase their allowances!! 

We promised we would not benefit in anyway from the increase and back pay, we looked into all our different options and the best solution was to give the money back to Norfolk through charities, community groups and local campaigns.

We have now received the back pay and allowance increase and as promised we have donated the lot, the money is making a real difference to our communities.

Tory Councillor Allowance Hike


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Promoted by Alan Pawsey on behalf of Norfolk Labour Group, both at St Mark's Church Hall, Hall Road, Norwich NR1 3HL