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Cllr Chrissie Rumsby: A Personal Perspective on Mental Health

Lockdown hs been a new experience for all of us and affects us all in individual ways. For me its been a real challenge. On the one hand I have my work as a mental health nurse and I am currently unable to go to work due to illness and having to self -isolate.

Cllr Chrissie Rumsby

Each Thursday there is a clap for NHS and it reminds me my colleagues are on the front line, where I would normally be, interfering with everything! Not going to work in a time like this brings a lot of guilt and can be very challenging. For me I would love to be there but I realise my health is important and if I was infected with Covid-19, then I will become very ill. Not much use then so, I I have to remind myself of this.

As a councillor I have been needed and this has been another frustration of mine. I have had contact via emails and have been in daily contact to make sure all is well with the Holiday Hunger club at the Phoenix Hub in my division, Mile Cross in Norwich. To help out I continue to use my councillor allowance to pay for a weekly FareShare delivery, so food parcels can go out around community. Yet again I am used to being on front line and find it very difficult not to be there.

Over the last month I have found being more chaotic and not having any rhythm in my life has led me to feel very deflated and depressed. This week I have tried to get more organised and try to have different parts of day for various activities. Making sure I have time to do soft exercise to get muscles moving. Daily walk to get fresh air and more exercise. Taking time out for mindfulness. Yet again as any mental health nurse will tell you we are good at telling others to relax and destress but not that good ourselves.

Lockdown has taught me to appreciate simple things and not to get so bogged down with stuff I have little power over. Stay well and stay safe; we will get to the end in time.

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