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Cllr Colleen Walker on community work during self-isolation

This is my fourth week in isolation. It has been and continues to be very hard for me to be on lockdown; as most of you will know I do so enjoy getting out and about in my ward chatting and assisting the residents that I represent. I fully accept that I am not alone in this and we are all seeing life as we knew it alter! Our lives change now on a daily basis and you are left wondering when some form of normality will return if ever.

During this time of lockdown I am still doing all of the case work that comes in either via email or the telephone and manage referrals to the relevant departments, which understandably takes a little longer.

I have long hours to fill so as far as my residents are concerned I’m here even if it is remotely, I just wish I could just get back out doing my weekly visual audits and chat away with my people who live in what used to be sheltered housing before we were robbed of our wardens! May residents only had the wardens visit until myself and my fellow Labour councillors took to the weekly walk about.

During these difficult days we as a Labour group are keeping in regular contact through regular Zoom meetings and WhatsApp conversations. I am told we will be holding virtual council meetings both at district and Norfolk county council when they resume; that will be an interesting concept given that I consider myself a Luddite! This could be a lightbulb moment if I am able to make that happen but you know what? If I apply myself who knows!

During my time in isolation I find it very heart warming that my fellow councillors and I are working as an extremely serious group, helping one another, whether assisting with case work or getting food parcels delivered to our most vulnerable most in need residents. A massive well-done to all of you! We also find time to check how we are doing individually and collectively and take time to have a little fun and banter; that’s what its all about because we all know sadly this will get worse before it gets better.

Now to the more mundane things of this isolation. The house is spotless, two rooms redecorated, up to date with washing and ironing, baking veggie pies and sausage rolls for my beloved who is also in isolation for the duration. Thankfully he can also work remotely and is handy in the garden!

Take care of each other and we will get through this together. In the meant time, I'll get back on the phone and will keep you updated on whether Brian survives life in lock down with me for the next ten weeks.....



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