• Norfolk Labour

County Care Conundrum

Yesterday, Norfolk Tories signed off a budget proposal to spend £280m next year on care in a broken care market. There are dozens of private providers all with management costs, looking for profits. If there were that many managers for a public sector service there would be an outcry. Every care business needs monitoring, the invoices paid and their contracts administered. The overheads are huge.

Norfolk County Council own NorseCare, the top rated residential care provider in the country. Yet it spends £280m propping up a failing market that frequently lets down vulnerable people and their families and consumes money that could be spent on care, staff conditions and peace of mind.

NorseCare may not be perfect but it’s very good, owned by the council, stable and ready made for the job.

Norfolk Tory dogma before the interests of vulnerable people, again.



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Promoted by Alan Pawsey on behalf of Norfolk Labour Group, both at St Mark's Church Hall, Hall Road, Norwich NR1 3HL