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Where's the plan?

You may recall the nurseries that closed when Great Yarmouth Community Trust went bust after Tory Norfolk closed the children’s centres they ran and as a result deprived them on the income they needed to operate. The much vaunted rescue - definitely a good thing in principle - seems to have been delivered missing a few key components. The financial nuts and bolts that Norfolk Tories took away from the Community Trust are not present for the new nursery company either. So they have set up a new company whose future, and with it the crucial nursery provision for families in a Great Yarmouth, is far from certain. So the new early years policy introduced by Norfolk Tories has left Great Yarmouth with no children’s centres, nursery provision they admit is not sustainable and we are far from clear the support families need is being provided. Very soon they’ll be telling you how they transformed the service and how much they invested. What they are covering up with that mangled language is cuts, cuts and more cuts.

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